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How Mouth Art Web-log (blog) Works

For users that are not familiar with how a ‘blog’ works, we thought it might help to explain the basics; this should help you to effectively use our NZ mouth artists ‘blog’; ‘No Limbs’!

(For those that are interested, you will see the word Mouth Artists and Mouth Artist pretty regularly, as this helps to improve our search engine rankings so that Jesse can sell his drawings to a wide global audience. We may also use the term, foot and mouth painting, as this is a commonly used term for people searching for art drawn by mouth or foot)

What is a Web-log (blog), and why use one for our NZ Mouth Artists site?

Many websites now have a ‘blog’ component, this is primarily because readers usually find the regular updates interesting and this helps to keep visitors coming back to the site.

A ‘Blog’ also provides a opportunity for readers to provide feedback to the writer and site designer on the content and what else they would like to see.


The main components of a blog

Posts – The only thing that really makes a blog different from a ‘normal’ website, is the flow of regular updates in the form of ‘Posts‘.  On this Mouth Art website, the posts are all published on our news and updates page.

Comments – Most web-log sites allow readers to place comments on posts, which is often where the most interesting reading comes from!  Often many pages on a website like this, will allow users to make a comment, so please leave a comment on THIS post, to show you have got the idea 🙂

We have had a huge response on our  Comments Page in the form of positive feedback for Jesse for his mouth art drawings.  We have also had tremendously encouraging feedback on individual mouth art products by way of reviews.

Names – It is never a good idea to leave you full name on a blog, please use only your first name or a psuedonym.  

Emails – Most blogs require you to leave an email address to prove your authenticity, and may email you if there is a reply to your comment.  Always ensure that your email only goes in the ’email’ section, never in the ‘name’ section.

Pages – These are of course necessary so that the site as a whole is navigable and has structure.  Pages can be used to display posts and/or comments on different subjects. For Jesses NZ mouth artist website, we have a page for general comments and have recently added a page for drawing suggestions.


Mouth Art Blog Summary

The best way to learn how to use a blog, is to get started.  So try this…

View our Mouth Art Articles here 

Open an individual article by clicking the heading or title

Then… make a comment on an article of your choice…

(Try scrolling to the bottom of this one first… and make a comment!)


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  1. I have recently purchased Jesse’s calender-it is definately work of art. Keep you the great work Jesse- alot of us that do have limbs can’t draw like you can.
    You have done a superb job.

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