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Jesse’s new 4×4 wheelchair – here it is!

Hello all, sorry so long since last newsletter, ‘hectic’ is the word!

Firstly, we hope you enjoy these photos of Jesse in the new 4×4 wheelchair which was made possible by sales of Jesse’s calendar, drawings and private contributions.  It looks like he needs more sunscreen!

A HUGE ‘thank-you’ to all!

A huge thank-you to all who have purchased or made some other contribution.  The response to Jesse’s mouth drawing products has been truly amazing.

To those who now have one of Jesse’s calendars – we hope you like the calendar/s as much as he enjoys the chair!

4x4 wheelchair on beach
Jesse taking his 4×4 wheelchair for a ‘spin’.

NoLimbs drawing makes Trademe’s ‘Top 10’ for 2013!

It’s official; one of Jesse’s mouth drawn VW pictures was rated as Trademe’s 8th most viewed listing for 2013 with over 45,000 views! See the NZ Herald article here.


Whats coming up in 2014?

2014 will bring a few more products to the ‘NoLimbs’ range;  an option of high quality prints on canvas, and the mouth-art T-shirt range being increased.

More drawings are also on the way thanks to Jesse’s diligent contributions – keep your eye on the website!

Don’t forget the small gift-cards and postcards already on the website, they’re really snazzy – view the gift-card range here!

47 thoughts on “Jesse’s new 4×4 wheelchair – here it is!

  1. Hello Jesse!!
    I’m so glad you’ve got your wheelchair at last!! It looks really awesome…
    Your pictures are excellent.. you are amazing at drawing!! WELL DONE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Jesse
    So GREAT to see photos of you on the beach!!! Well done Jesse you and your family deserve it!!!! 🙂 Have fun!!!
    Kind Regards
    Judy & The Team @ A1 Wheelchairs

  3. Cool wheelchair!!

    also how do you control the wheelchair????

    I got a calendar of yours. it is AMAZING!!!!!

    Have Fun!!!

  4. The new wheelchair looks great.
    Keep up the cool drawings,
    yanni and brooker

  5. fudge these are awesome drawings Jesse.
    epic 1 of du spit or hurricane ( i am not good on aeroplanes)!!
    i just love the car 1 as i luv cars and have a ford and a volvo.
    keep up the good work.

  6. Nice 4 wheel drive wheel chair U got Jesse. How are you liking it so far.

  7. Well done for your efforts Jesse, really admire your over coming spirit, keep it up. 🙂

  8. Glad u got yr Wheel chair Jesse – guess it’s working alright. Like to hear news from you – keep us all updated!!!

  9. Hello Jesse,
    awesome 4×4 wheel chair u got there. Haven’t been on your site for so long. Good luck and have fun.

  10. Way to go Jesse…. saw you on your 4×4 just after you got it… no doubt you can do heaps more insane stuff now ;-D

  11. cool! love your wheelchair Jesse have fun off-roading.

  12. You’re quite a brave kid for your next goal in life. In November I’m going to be going for my G license.

  13. You are incredible Jesse. Would love to see videos on your website!

  14. Fantastic drawings Jessie,
    You draw with your mouth better than I could do with 2 hands

  15. How do you keep your pencil so steady?
    I love looking at your website! How about some videos?
    Keep up the good work!

  16. wish i could draw like you

  17. wish i could have talent like you

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