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  1. hello
    awesome drawings Jesse
    I hope you get your vehicle you’re wanting


  2. your drawings are sooooo amazingly great
    jenson ball

  3. Jesse you are so talented, you’re my hero I think of you everyday, you are the one that keeps me going. Thank you my dear friend

  4. I’ve seen your calendar and it is so awesome, how do ya draw so good?

  5. well done your new calendar is amazing, i’m really looking forward to using it!
    thanks so much the videos are very interesting

  6. well done this latest calendar is very good and I can’t wait to use it

  7. i love your drawings jesse, even I couldn’t draw like that and I have arms….you are amazing!!!

  8. great pics and nice 4×4, is it Landrover? save up 4 a v8 I’ve got 2015 calendar its great!!!


  9. I was really impressed with the new calendar, keep up the good work!

  10. Hello Jesse,

    I think your drawings are amazing, and I hope you get your self-drive vehicle as a token for your perseverance. You deserve it…

    Keep it up

    Rowan James

  11. Hey wutsup buddy ol pal

    Love your drawings. I love your 4×4. Pretty cool. Reminds me of the truck I rebiult when I was a young dude like you:). I bet you could draw it on a canvas for me. Let me know. Name a price….

    1. Jesse,
      you are such a dude!!!
      keep going!!!
      if you had some more really cool videos on you website…
      it would literally be AWESOME!!!

  12. wow your drawings are soooo fascinating you’ve got such a talent!
    awesome 4×4 hope you get the car you wanted

  13. Jesse! love your calendars! Had the desktop one last year and this year bought the hanging one as well. Really pleased with it. Plenty of space to write appointments and the “Notes” section is brilliant too.

    Have also supplied the desk top one to some of our highly valued customers! Awaiting feed back from them. Hope they are enjoying them; they have been observed on some of their desks!

    Your drawings are amazing – you are very talented.
    Did see a video of you playing the electronic organ once. Suppose you couldn’t post that on the website too? Just gives folk some idea of what you can do!

    Best regards and keep smiling.
    Hope you soon get your car.

    Sue xxx

  14. Love your truck drawing! Was considering asking you to do one but you beat me to it! Its BRILLIANT. Certainly going to buy your coffee mugs :):)
    Is there a Friesian cow on your next calendar?
    Many thanks for the updates.

  15. Could you please get mens size shirts? (answer = they do fit the smaller men, but not colossal blokes! :-))

  16. i like your 4 wheel drive Jesse, your drawings are immense you’ve got such good pencil control!

  17. I love your pictures and the videos! U r an amazing overcomer.!!

  18. keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see the 2016 calendars

  19. your drawings are soooooo cool. i love the truck one the best.
    and your 4wd vehicle is mad,you did an excellent job on the fundraising.

  20. brilliant!!!!!!
    so good-well done…

  21. Hey Jess,
    We need a new art teacher @ our school…

  22. Hey Jesse…
    Please don’t stop doing calenders – I love them!

  23. Your calendars are great. Many businesses purchase hundreds of promotional calendars a year but they normally have their orders placed by June or July. If you do release a calendar next year can you possibly let people know earlier so that business calendars can be ordered by mid year.

    1. Hello Jonno,
      You are perfectly right! We managed to release our business orders just at the end of July this year, and have a fantastic response. It was a bit later than we expected, but definitely an improvement over last year.

  24. AWESOME pictures you’ve drawn Jesse.

    Keep up the great work.

  25. We have received our calendars thanks Jesse…the drawings are amazing – you really are very talented. Keep up the great work!

  26. Hey Jesse!
    Please don’t stop doing calendars they’re awesome!!
    I don’t know where you get the talent from.
    You’re INCREDIBLE!

    Lowri Skirton

  27. Your nature pictures are well done; they look so real. Keep up the good work!

  28. Hello Jessie
    Thankyou for the brilliant calendar we just got today
    I’ve put it up in my bedroom already – ready for next year

  29. Keep it up Jesse!
    I couldn’t do your drawings with arms!


  30. We’ve just received your calendar and we can’t believe how great the drawings are. Keep it up and we look forward to next year’s calendar!

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