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  1. We’ve just received your desktop calendar, Jesse, and are very impressed with the talent shown in your drawings. Really like the new layout and format too. Thank you very much and best of everything for 2016!

  2. i bought one of your calanders a month ago and i think it is absolutley amazing the pictures created with a mouth. i can’t do half as well as that with a pencil in my hand!!!!! let alone this!!!!!!!!
    i am only 13 and i didn’t hear of you until i was quite about 8or9 and it made me think how lucky i was.
    this is one vvvvvv good skill though.
    keep it up and i will keep buying your stuff.

  3. We have received your calendar!!!!
    Very nice!!!!!!!Please continue

  4. hello Jesse, very very impressed by your art work…! we will definitely buy your calendars once more, they are awesome ! and wish your car-dream may come true very soon !! 🙂
    much love

  5. go jesse bro you rock in your drawings. hope you sell billions
    GO HARD MAN you have a cool talent

  6. HAPPY B Day Jesse,
    good luck on your licence.
    keep up the amazing work jesse.

    chrz gazza

  7. Jesse, I am THRILLED that you passed your driving test! Keep up the hard work, and your car dream will come through!! 😀

    I really want to buy one of your calendars for my classroom. I’m sure it will keep us all motivated to work just as hard as you are. And you can know that you are motivating people from halfway across the globe! *)

    KEEP GOING!!!! :D:D

  8. hey dude you passed first time:)

  9. We have just received your 2017 Calendars – they are simply awesome!!
    We think of you everytime we look at them so ….’Well Done’ and ‘Keep Going’

  10. Can’t wait to get your 2017 desk top calander!
    They’re brilliant!
    Keep it up!

  11. Hi Jesse,

    Great to see that you have got your license, your art is outstanding.

    Wishing you every success for 2017

    Mrs B. 😀

  12. Good afternoon Jesse
    One thing describes it “Wonderful” your creations are inspirational and a lesson we can all learn from you – keep it up. We would be lost without your works

  13. Thank you Jesse!
    Will be glad to order your inspiring calendars again for 2019! Well done and keep up the brilliant work! We want to learn from people like you who know how to say “YES I CAN!”

  14. We love your grand art✏️🤩
    Thanks Jesse…
    You’re so inspiring.

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