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  1. WOW Jesse!!! You are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for your videos 🙂 truly inspired….. Please keep them coming!!! 🙂 I will definitely be supporting you with your amazing calendars for your next fundraiser!!!!

  2. I have just got one of your 2015 calendars and it is AWESOME!!!
    i would love to be able to draw like that!!
    i would like to have a ride in your new car when you get it soon

    keep up the good work


  3. Hello Jesse
    for a change, I write in french!
    Bonjour Jesse
    Superbe dessins, continue c’est magnifique !
    viens en France pour t’inspirer, bienvenue !!!
    catch it ? do you learn french ?
    all the best

    1. ;D i do and i’ll translate as much as possible!

      Hello Jesse
      Superb art, continue its magnificent.
      come to france you inspire you. You are welcome!!!

      not very good and probly not accurate sorry!

      keep it up jesse. u hav guts

    2. Thats a pretty good translation from Kayley, but ‘Viens en France pour t’inspirer’ means ‘Come to France (in order) to inspire you.’
      All the best, Jesse.

  4. hello, your pictures are amazing I could never draw like that!
    I love your 4×4 its so cool it looks as if it can go pretty fast.

  5. Hey can y give me some tips how to draw properly and as good as u?????????? I don’t know how u draw that good especially with your mouth!

  6. these vids are soooo cool….. thinking of you Jesse, hope you get your car soon! can’t wait to see it! ATB.

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