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Hello, I am a 16 year old mouth artist called Jesse.

I was born in NZ in the year 2000 with no arms or legs, and have been in a wheelchair all my life. Like other mouth artists, I am not letting my lack of limbs hold me back!

My parents are running this website for me to raise money for things the New Zealand government doesn’t supply. We are saving up for more equipment to improve my life.

On my 16th birthday, I passed my learners license!

Thanks for looking at my stuff, and for those who will buy things from me, thank-you very much in advance!



My Products

Pencil Drawings – These are copies of the original pencil drawings drawn by mouth, because I haven’t got hands.

Canvases –  High quality canvas prints ready for mounting!

Drawings by mouth artists are popular for both family and business gifts.  Consider giving a calendar to each of your staff as an end of year present, or framing one of my mouth art drawings in your reception area to show your support!

23 thoughts on “About Jesse

  1. I work as the secretary of a Sterling school here in Ontario Canada. I have had one of your desk calendars on my desk for 2 years now. Teaching staff often pick it up and comment on your drawing skills. I have had students come to ask if they can borrow the calendar to help them with their shading technique or to have a try at copying some of your awesome drawings. With so much focus on leadership in schooling these days we can recognise you as an inspirational leader in courage and perseverance with a positive outlook on life. All the best with your new car, time flies by so fast you will driving it in no time:).

  2. Hi Jesse,
    You might remember a teacher on duty, many years ago who threatened to give you a speeding ticket if you didn’t slow down in your chair in the playground !! ! You also drew the most amazing picture for me for a lady friend whose brother had just become paralysed following a car accident.I asked if you’d draw a picture for me to send him and you only agreed to do it after I promised to give you the biggest packet of feltpens I could find. And your drawing???…. Do you remember ???A picture of a man swimming who’d just had his legs bitten off by a shark!!!Your picture was so so well received and bought laughter at a very sad time in their times. Kind Regards, Mrs McCracken

  3. hello Jesse,
    you are incredible!!!
    I hope you have enough money for your motor! I might buy one of your calenders!you probably don’t know me but I know you!
    your drawings are awesome! Way better than mine or any of my family!
    by the way I come from shrewsbury,UK I am 11years old!
    kind regards
    Delores Dalrymple

  4. You may not remember me, but I taught you at Wellsford Kindergarten, this is where I believe your career in art began! You found ways to participate in art with your mouth as just a young fellow. We had an art auction and your work was stunning back then even as a four year old! I am so happy to see your work and hear news of you now. Good luck. i have often thought of you over the years.
    Kind Regards
    Ms Dee

  5. Hello Jesse, I have given away many of your desk calendars, and they are very much admired, and people cannot believe what you are able to do. To do your Art, you have to put a lot of time into it, that other kids your age wouldn’t know anything about.
    I have been disabled for more than 65 years!! but always had strong arms (until recent years).
    And a little bit like you, I used to do pictures, and paint, as it was my relaxation. I loved doing cartoons and caricatures! I did some of all my siblings and that was 7 of us, and still have copies of them. In my younger day, there was no way to sell paintings, and my Father thought it was a waste of time!
    But I can’t draw for toffee, so always have to copy before I paint.
    I so admire you for it, because you will never (or not much!) get bored, and life will whizz by, even with your physical issues.
    Again, a little like you, I’ve had 100s of operations, but I’m still alive and going quite strong after all these years. Be encouraged, Jesse! Everyone prays for you!

  6. Jesse, you inspire me. Your willingness to face reality, make a decision, and do something. How you do not let no limbs define you, you define yourself and your name is Jesse. Keep choosing who you are and building, forming, and shaping Jesse, you are doing an amazing job. And to your parents, family, and those who support you regularly, thank you for supporting him. To whoever is reading this you also have the choice to do something and chose who you want to become.
    Love to you all.

  7. Hi Jesse. I caught up with Stu this week who mentioned your website. Your drawings truly are incredible. At starship you always managed to put a smile on my face. I really hope you get that car.

  8. Jesse…you are a legend on wheels, the definition of dashing, a bundle of boldness, and imp with imagination, the lesson of a lifetime, and just one of the coolest dudes! I love that you have taken your talent and ran with it (no pun intended! LOL) – it’s refreshing to see any and all videos of you and your speeches. YOU DA MAN!!

  9. Jesse,
    Its amazing to come across this and be able to see how far you have come from when I taught you back in year 2/3. As many have pointed out you were talented back then and we all knew you would go far. Keep up the amazing work, and good luck on the fundraising. Will be following your website, newsletter and purchasing very soon. (its just so hard to decide which one)

  10. Jesse,
    you are amazing!!! I LOVE your drawings!!
    I am soo inspired by them amd I wish I could draw like you!
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Quotation from my daughter (age 4)… ‘You’re a super boy, Jesse!’

    I think that’s a fantastic drawing.

  12. Hello Jess, I am 11 years old & live in Stonewall. Your drawings are phonominal & amazing. This quote comes to mind when I think of you, One mans strength is another mans weakness. You have the abilty to draw that I don’t have.

  13. hey jesse – keep it up bro! u r AMAZING!!!
    you should invest in your own custom beanies, blankets and hoodies next that have your drawings on them… would look pretty cool
    and also have them available in more colours…
    and also what type of car are u investing in?

  14. Hello Jesse. Did you know that great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance? Not only that, the important thing in life is to have great aim and to possess the aptitude and the perseverance to attain it. So all the very best to you, for the way forward.

    BTW – Have you ever thought of doing footballs, soccer balls, shorts, etc. with your logo or pictures on them? Your pictures are truly AWE INSPIRING!! Keep up the good work.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of your new car!!

  15. Dear Jesse,

    Thank you so much for the outstanding artwork.

    My parents and I are so impressed with the excellent work and perseverance. I know that my nephews and brother who will receive the canvases/pencil drawing I ordered – Rescue Chopper, Creatures of Nature and Digger/Excavator photo will be awestruck as well!


  16. Your drawings are awesome. I have never been able to draw. Keep it up. I am thrilled that you have passed your licence test. I am looking forward to see your drawings of you seating in the car and videos of you driving.
    You have a great talent.
    I will keep praying for you and your family.

  17. your drawings are incredible i can barely do any drawings with my hands let alone my mouth keep up the great work go Jesse!!!!!!!!!

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