54 thoughts on “Jesse’s mouth drawing in action

  1. Thanks for your 2015 calendar Jesse!
    We have just enjoyed watching your videos.
    Your work is incredible – well done!

  2. Hello Jesse,

    I am Dave’s sister – not sure if you would remember me, thank you for my calendar I have it up at work – I have had lots of comments and you are amazing … keep going .. keep up the good work, looking forward to browsing on your products

    love June

  3. Hello Jessie,

    I havent met you yet, but i’m 5 years old and love drawing. My daddy has just brought your calendar home and i think its amazing. i wish I could draw like you.

    Keep smiling an drawing.


  4. Jesse I am 4 and at Helens house whilst Mum drives the One bus and I have just looked at all your pictures and at Helens calendar and she let me watch your videos. I think you’re fantastic. and we all want you to get your car next year so you can Go GO GO anywhere

  5. real overcomer Jesse but you have a God given gift to draw like that and brings out the feelings + the inspiration of others. Thanks !

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