19 thoughts on “Freedom 2014 – Jesse’s 4×4 in action

  1. Well done Jesse I’ve brought one of your calendars and they’re definitely worth the money

  2. I´ll buy another calendar.

  3. What an overcomer! Keep up the Amazing work, really enjoy it!
    Will definitely be placing another order!

  4. Jesse – you’re a legend. I’ve only seen your personality through your calendars and photos. To see you in action on one of our wheelchairs is the best and it’s made my day!
    Good luck with the fundraising for the car. I hope to meet you one day 🙂 Jill (GM Magic Mobility)

    1. Hello Jill. As you can see from the video, Jesse loves his 4WD wheelchair. It has made such a huge impact on his life. Family outings etc…..
      Roxy. (Jesse’s mum)

  5. WOW Jesse that is amazing, I will definitely be purchasing another of your calendars.

  6. I’m inspired Jesse…I’ll now put my money where my mouth is.

  7. Great Work Jesse, You inspire us all, keep up the good work , we look forward to your next drawings.

  8. brilliant calendars well done

  9. Woohoo – thank you Jesse!! My calendars arrived last night and I’ve just hung up my wall calendar at work with the desk calendar on my dresser at home. You’ve done amazing work on these drawings – 100x better than I can do with 2 hands! I’m afraid stick people are about the extent of my talents. Keep up the excellent work and the inspiration – well done! 🙂 I’ll be watching for next year’s edition….

  10. You are really amazing Jesse! I haven’t ever seen anyone so good! 🙂 I hope my donation gets you somewhere.
    -Trista Gracey
    age 10

  11. A truly amazing person. Jesse, you’re great! We received the 50 calendars safe and sound. They look perfect. We’re preparing to send them out to our top 50 clients today. Thanks again, The Intriquip Team

  12. Hello Jesse,
    we are truly amazed by your drawing in your calendars.
    Please say hello to Auntie Ayllis
    Brittany, Antonia Baxter (kilmarnock, Scotland) and Delores Dalrymple (staying with us from Shrewbury, England)

  13. Hello Jesse!

    your calendars are absolutely awesome!!!!!
    I really do wish I could draw like that…

    lowri skirton
    (grangemouth, scotland)

  14. hEllO JeSse

    my NaME is aZzuRa SKyE aNd I am tWo yeArS olD. I loVe waTCHInG yOr viDe0s i thInK U ar amAzINg, I wAtCH theM wHenEvER mY uNCleS or My DaD leTS mE.

    KeEP gOinG, anD KeEP uS posTEd wiTh Ur NEw cAr!



  15. amazing. i have got loads of these because they are so amazing.keep up the good work jesse.

  16. Have just watched your videos again. Amazing….you are an inspiration to all. Love your pictures… Your desk calendar is great, I’m loving it….Trust all goes well with purchasing your new vehicle.

  17. keep it up Jesse love the drawings

  18. U r awesome!
    🙂 jolly smart drawings! I soooooo wish I could draw like you!

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