28 thoughts on “April 2015 – News and Updates

  1. Hey Jesse!

    these mugs are awesome – I’m definitely going to buy some.
    I love your courage, its incredibly inspiring.

  2. Hello Jesse
    These calendars are just amazing – never seen anything like it. We’ll certainly be ordering in 2016. Keep up the courage and be sure to post pictures of your new car when it comes!!

  3. ‘WOW’ Jessie
    Keep them coming
    Is the Peugeot 505 Estate on you list?
    Enjoy your next midnight McDonalds!!!

  4. Keep up the great work Jesse!

    Your calendar sits on my desk which I look at practically every day – I wish I could draw like you!

    I can’t wait to see the 2016 calendar!

  5. Jesse (Dude)

    Thanks so much for the awesome time you (and your Dad and Mum) gave us when we were at your place very recently!!
    Thanks too for the sneak preview of your new 2016 Calendar……Wow, Amazing!!!
    Our message to everyone is….WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!

  6. Hey Jesse,

    We LOVE your horse tops….(and our mums into Camper vans!).

    Our cousins Carlos Candace and Sienna came and had a brilliant time with you. Wish we could’ve come to!

    We’ll keep an eye on this website – we hadn’t seen it before.

    The drawings are AWESOME.

  7. Immense drawings Jesse! – Were stunned!
    I can’t even draw with my hands, let alone my mouth!
    You really have got a super talent!
    Keep it up…

  8. Jesse,

    Very inspiring work brother. Brings a tear to my eye to think I am so fortunate to have all my limbs & yet I cant put them to fruition anywhere near what you are doing without limbs. Its proof that God works in many ways, but its also proof that I take it for granted that I’m an able willing body.

    You’re an absolute inspiration.

    Keep it up….

    With Love

  9. Jesse, you’ve done it again, left me speechless with amazement at your incredible drawings. I am sure it takes a lot of effort and concentration to produce them and we are very grateful to you for sharing this God given talent with us.

    Come and see us in Leeds again, we need to see your happy smile.

  10. Jesse

    Your drawings are not – very good… they’re incredible!! Keep up the great work m8!

    Wish I could draw like that even with my hands!!… Will definitely be buying some more calendars


  11. JESSE,

    My mind is just completely baffled as to how u do this amazing stuff…….amazing God given talent

    All I can say is congratulations for everything u have managed to achieve….’never give up, and it’s impossible to fail’

    Keep up this amazing work

    Love from Toby Whiteman – London UK

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