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jesseHello, I am a 14 year old mouth artist called Jesse. My parents are running this website for me to raise money for things the New Zealand government doesn’t supply. We are saving up for more equipment to improve my life, the main thing at the moment is a CAR. In less than 2 years, I will be able to try for my driving license (YES!). This will require some considerable self-drive vehicle technology, it won’t be straight forward exactly, but shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve with the technology available these days.

I was born with no arms or legs, and have been in a wheelchair all my life.  Like other mouth artists, I am not letting my lack of limbs hold me back!   Thanks for looking at my stuff, and for those who will buy things from me, thank-you very much in advance!


My Products

Pencil Drawings – These are copies of the original pencil drawings drawn by mouth, because I haven’t got hands.   

Canvases –  High quality canvas prints ready for mounting!

Drawings by mouth artists are popular for both family and business gifts.  Consider giving a calendar to each of your staff as an end of year present, or framing one of my mouth art drawings in your reception area to show your support!